Metabolic profiling of your energy metabolism

Based on your performance values determined at home and/or on the basis of your VO2 max and Vlamax values measured in the laboratory, we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and detailed presentation of your energy metabolism (carbohydrate and fat metabolism, total energy consumption). As a prerequisite, you need either a power meter on your bike or a smart indoor trainer. For runners we need a Stryd Pod (which we can supply). For the "remote test" we give you a detailed specification of three specific interval loads that you have to carry out with maximum outputFor the evaluation of existing diagnostic data from the laboratory, we need your VO2 max. (spiroergometric analysis) and the Vlamax. (maximum sprint load of 15-20 seconds followed by continuous lactate measurement).The data is analyzed and evaluated by our sports science experts and not automatically. This allows us to identify and adjust possible errors or artefacts in your data.Based on your data, we can create an individual nutrition strategy for your sport and discipline, especially taking into account your current capacity in terms of fat and carbohydrate metabolism at different exercise intensities.For further details and information we are at your disposal by e-mail.