Vivere180 coaching Metabolic Health

Insulin resistance (intolerance to metabolize sugar and carbohydrates sufficiently) as a major cause in the development of type 2 diabetes as well as obesity and high blood pressure. A personally tailored carbohydrate-optimized diet and exercise reduce the risk of metabolic diseases and offer the opportunity to make existing diseases reversible or to support existing therapies.

• Detailed consultation regarding the individual starting situation and goal setting
• Vivere180 Guide to a Carbohydrate-Optimized Diet
• Introduction to two apps for analyzing your diet and exercise / training
• Creation of an individual nutrition strategy over 4 weeks. We adapt your diet and exercise specifically to your health goals
• Allergies and food intolerances as well as special forms of nutrition are taken into account
• You will receive a starter package: glucose-ketone measuring device as well as ketone-glucose test strips and measuring utensils. We measure to provide you with the best possible support!
•  We offer you an analysis of recommended laboratory tests to get a better insight into your health and fitness
• Regular analysis and evaluation of your measurement results (ketones / glucose)
• 1x week online group web meeting. Exchange as well as questions and answers on all relevant nutrition topics
• Telephone support
• Exchange and coordination with your treating doctor or therapists