How it works

Fuel your Health - How the Vivere180 coaching concept works as we offer our service in English, German and Dutch.

Your health is closely connected with your diet. Many diseases and decreased immune function are related to consumption of high quantities of refined sugars, carbohydrates and processed foods. Diseases which are related to a high sugar/carbohydrate diet:

Obesity - Diabetes Type 2 - Immune system deficiency - Coronary heart disease Heart Attacks - Strokes - NAFLD - Hypertension - Alzheimer’s - PCOS - Dementia - Dyslipidemia - Arthritis and Inflammation - Food intolerances - Gallstones

If you would have known, would you have done it right?

What you get out of the Vivere180 coching:

Improved natural body weight - Improved fitness (endurance + strength)
More energy- -Enhanced mental health - Increased sleep quality - Improved wellbeing - Improved concentration levels Reduced risk of all the above mentioned diseases - Metabolic flexibility (your body can metabolize foods more efficiently) - Improved longevity

If you don’t have someone to look after your health and fitness - We monitor your health and fitness, …we measure to manage!