Vivere180 what drives us

The idea and core message behind Vivere180 is to guide people towards a lifestyle of improved well-being, longevity and at the same time enjoy delicious foods. Our goal is to help and support people who might be struggling with weight, metabolic syndrome or hit a sports plateau or are searching for an improved and healthier lifestyle. Behind Vivere180 is a team of a sport scientist, nutrition doctor. We have been relying on a low carbohydrate diet for several years which has resulted in improved health, sports performance and life balance.

Here you find a selection of foods which are in line with a low carbohydrate lifestyle and can be consumed frequently in normal volumes.

Fruits and Vegetables
green leafy vegetables, artichoke hearts,asparagus,aubergine,avocado, green beans,broccoli, brussels sprouts,cauliflower,celery,chard,zucchini,cucumber,fennel,garlic,pumpkin, kale,leek, , lemons & limes, green salad, mushrooms,onions,pepper,radicchio,radish,rhubarb,shallots,spinach,tomatoes,beets,olives,paprika

coffee/tea, sparkling or still water   

vinegar, soyasauce    

meat, poultry and game, bacon,seafood, egg

avocado oil,butter,coconut oil, solid cheese like Gouda, hard cheese like Parmesan,mayonnaise,nut oils,olive oil